Advocacy, Policy Analysis and Research

1. Advisory and Consultative Services

2. Capacity Building, and

3. Networking and Information Exchange


Activities of the Centre

The Centre performs the following activities:

  1. In-depth action research in the area of consumer protection and consumer welfare with a special emphasis on rural areas;
  2. Training of personnel engaged in administration and adjudication of consumer justice in the country and the elected representatives of the local bodies;
  3. Networking with the other institutions/ organizations, nationally and internationally;
  4. Organize seminars/ workshops/ conferences/ round tables on the contemporary issues relating to consumer protection;
  5. Sensitize trade and industry and the service providers to the requirements of the consumers;
  6. Create resource center for future research;
  7. Publish books/ monographs/ occasional papers to fill up existing knowledge gap and

Provide policy inputs to the Department of Consumer Affairs from time to time.

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