1) The test contains 20 questions to be attempted in 20 Minutes duration.

2) For all correct answers a candidate obtains 20 marks. There is no negative marking for wrong answers.

3) For every question, four alternative options have been given on the computer screen. The fifth option is I am not attempting this question while the correct answer is amongst the first four alternatives.

4) The candidate must mouse-click the alternative he feels appropriate/correct. The said alternative will be highlighted and shall be treated as the answer given by the candidate for the question. In case the candidiate does not wish to attempt the question then he must mouse-click the fifth option i.e. I am not attempting this question.

5) After all the 20 questions are attempted, the candidate must click on Done button at the bottom of the question paper to submit the questions. Once Done button is clicked the answers are saved in the computer automatically.

6) The candidates can make changes in their choice of alternative only before clicking the Done button. To move back and forth between the questions candidates can use the scroll bar. To recheck the answers, after attempting all the questions, click on the go back button.

7) After the expiry of 20 Minutes , the candidates will not be able to attempt any question or check their answers. The answers of the candidate would be saved automatically by the computer system even if he has not clicked the Done button on the screen.

9) The candidates are provided with a back up sheet by the test administrator. This may be used in case there is a power failure or the computer shuts down due to some technical reason. The back-up sheet must be handed over to the test administrator once the examination is over. The candidates would be compensated for any time loss due to power or system failure subject to the discretion of the test administrator.
10) The candidates have been given Practice Test Questions for practice purpose before they start answering the Examination questions.

11) The candidates may ask the test administrator their doubts or questions only before the commencement of the test. No query shall be entertained after the commencement of the examination.

12) The candidates are requested to follow the instructions of the test administrator carefully. If any candidate does not follow the instructions/rules, it would be treated as a case of misconduct/adoption of unfair means and such candidate would be liable for debarrment from appearing at the examinations for a period as decided by the institute.
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