Consumer Rights advisers deal with consumer complaints and provide information, advice and guidance to members of the public about items and or services that they have purchased.

The majority of consumer Rights advisers are employed by local authorities and for trading standards departments, in specialist consumer rights advice centers and in general advice centers opportunities also arise with government watching organizations that monitor the performance of public transport operators.

Duties range from interviewing clients, assessing problems and writing reports to mediating in disputes on behalf of clients and providing legal representation in court, other responsibilities includes.

  1. Dealing with general enquires about consumer issues.
  2. Providing advice via telephonic as well as emails or other ways of communications.
  3. Maintaining records and information on system as well as heard copy also.
  4. Compiling statistics.
  5. Interpreting / Explaining legislation, sales contracts and official contracts.
  6. Researching Cases
  7. Negotiating and or acting as an intermediating with service providers/ retailers
  8. Maintaining awareness of changes to codes of practice an consumer Rights legislation.

Qualification and training required:

Personality and relevant experience are usually more important although a degree in low, Counselling, Guidance, psychology, education, social community work, public administration or social sciences can be helpful.

  1. Visiting local traders and business for routine checks or to investigate complaints.
  2. To Bring samples of goods for testing
  3. Checking that weighting scales and measurement tools are working accurate.
  4. Make sure that labelling is correct and advertising is not misleading.
  5. Finding unsafe electrical goods and toys.
  6. Many more… 
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